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Types of marble finishes

Marble offers endless possibilities, both in terms of its wide variety of tones, as well as its different types of finish.

Following is a detailed list of the most common types of marble surface finishes, including ALL KINDS OF TREATMENTS that are avalable

Rough honed finished

Sawed marble

Fine honed finished

Polished finished

Chiselled finished

Antiqued finished

Bush hammered finished

Sand blasted finished

Flamed finished

Finish Polish Slabs

The polished finish of marble and natural stone features a glossy surface which reflects light and emphasizes the color, the properties of the stone, as well as, the pattern of the stone, giving it the appearance of a mirror.
Its shiny surface is classic and sophisticated and can easily blend everywhere.
Furthermore, it comes with a huge variation of shades and colors.
When we use it inside, the polished finish of marble and natural stone is excellent for vertical cladding and worktops.
When we use it outside it looks excellent in vertical coatings.
The polished finish is definitely not recommended for pavements due to the higher risk of slipping.
We should also mention that polished finish is more stain resistant than honed finished but more prone to scratches and etches.

Honed Marble finished

A honed finish of marble and natural stone features a satin surface with relatively low light reflection.
It involves chaffing of silicon carbide or diamond particles to get rid of any trace of scratches and then removing a certain amount of deep-seated soil on the stone.
It provides a smooth and matt surface that gives a warm ambience and elegant touch of the natural stone.
It gives a softer and more delicate look.
The honed surface is kid-friendly and the scratches and etches marks are less visible as well.
The result is a soft appearance that is very pleasant to the eye and the touch.
Generally, a honed finish is preferred where the presence of water might make a polished finish slippery, where heavy traffic could wear off the polished finish, or where acidic substances may come into contact with the stone.


This process involves that the the marble or natural stone is first sawn or honed, and then sandblasted with a high pressure sand jet resulting in an appearance that is slightly rough in texture while keeping it level and even.
Sandblusting gives a special finish that enhances the natural look of stone.
It’s excellent for outdoors, because it creates a slip resistant surface.
For many projects the combination of sandblusting and polishing creates an interesting contrast.

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