Honed finish Slabs and Tiles

    Honed finish
    A honed finish of marble and natural stone features a satin surface with relatively low light reflection.
    It involves chaffing of silicon carbide or diamond particles to get rid of any trace of scratches and then removing a certain amount of deep-seated soil on the stone.
    It provides a smooth and matt surface that gives a warmth ambiance and elegant touch of the natural stone.
    It gives softer and more delicate look.
    The honed surface is kid-friendly and the scratches and etch marks are less visible as well.
    The result is a soft appearance that is very pleasant to the eye and the touch.
    Generally a honed finish is preferred where the presence of water might make a polished finish slippery, where heavy traffic could wear off the polished finish,  or where acidic substances may come into contact with the stone.
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